John Morris
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Griff is a stone dog. That is to say, someone has taken a lump of stone and carved it into the shape of a dog, or to be more precise, a Great Dane. It is the kind of thing that people buy to put in their garden as an ornament.

Griff, however, is different from the normal dog made of stone, because he can walk and run just like a real dog. Also, unlike a real dog, he can talk.

But these 'gifts' had been of no use as he had spent many boring years sitting silent and motionless in a dull concrete yard in the city. He was then carted off to a gloomy shop where he sat forgotten until Mrs McGuillycuddy bought him and placed him amongst the flowers in her garden.

Now Griff was surrounded by beautiful flowers and had friends he could talk to. Better than that, he was now free to get up and walk about. So each night he could go exploring the surrounding countryside with his best friend, Samson the cat. All he had to do was make sure that no humans ever discovered his 'secret'. He knew if this happened he would have to leave the garden and lose his friends.


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What People Say

More more more

'Griff is a mysterious kind of dog and I want more, more, more and more stories about him and his funny friends!

Kurt, Aged 8

Imaginative and Amusing

'I thought it was very imaginative with some really good characterisation. The squirrels were typical siblings! Amusing with equal measure of real life problems and adventure to retain a child's attention throughout.'

Fran (Grandma)

Read aloud

'An engaging story for confident younger readers, or an ideal choice as a "read aloud" bedtime story book featuring the adventures of a magical dog made of stone.'

Linda Wattis, Children's Librarian, Stourbridge Library


'Griff is full of adventure and excitement, I couldn’t stop reading.'

Lila, Aged 11