Johnny 'Mogs' Morris

Author - Poet and the Black Country's best kept secret


  • An engaging story for confident younger readers, or an ideal choice as a "read aloud" bedtime story book featuring the adventures of a magical dog made of stone.


Griff is a stone dog. That is to say, someone has taken a lump of stone and carved it into the shape of a dog, or to be more precise, a Great Dane. It is the kind of thing that people buy to put in their garden as an ornament. Griff, however, is different from the normal dog made of stone, because he can walk and run just like a real dog. Also, unlike a real dog, he can talk.

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  • Mog's quirky poetry musings are fun, funny and punny. From sock monsters to binge eating monks via coy carp and shy sharks, this is a book that'll keep the kids entertained and make them giggle

Poems Your Parents Won't Like

This book of very funny poems directly from the mind of Johnny Mogs. Described as both quirky and insightful this collection will entertain both adults and children. It reminds us all of those endless conversations we had as children on matters of life and death. What's it like to be a dung beetle? What is the point of grass? Shy sharks, binge eating monks and other assorted subjects. Great for everyone and a real joy to read.

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